Data: 21 Iunie 2024, 19:00 Vineri
Artiști:Bio-Cancer, Vader


40 Years of the Apocalypse Anniversary Tour 2024
21.06.2024 in Timisoara: Vader///Warside///Bio-Hazard
Vader is a Polish death metal band from Olsztyn. Formed in 1983, the group was founded by then-bassist Piotr "Peter" Wiwczarek and guitarist Zbigniew "Vika" Wróblewski. Vader went through several lineup changes over the years, with Wiwczarek as the only constant member. Since 2022, the band has comprised Wiwczarek on lead guitar and vocals, rhythm guitarist Marek "Spider" Pająk, bassist Tomasz "Hal" Halicki, and drummer Michał Andrzejczyk.
Starting as a more traditional heavy metal group, Vader eventually went to thrash, speed, and then in the late 1980s became a death metal band. It would not be until nine years after forming that they managed to release their debut album The Ultimate Incantation (1992); Vader has released eleven more studio albums since then. The band's name was inspired by Darth Vader from the Star Wars film series. Lyrical themes include stories by H. P. Lovecraft, World War II, horror, and science fiction. According to Billboard magazine, by 2002 Vader sold approximately 500,000 releases around the world.
Among their earliest releases was a contribution to the compilation album Thrash Or Be Thrashed Vol.2. They released their first album, Ear Piercing Thrash, in 2012 under Athens Thrash Attack Records, and their second album, Tormenting the Innocent, under Candlelight Records in 2015. A music video for "F(r)iends or Fiends", from Tormenting the Innocent, was released. While Metal Forces described Tormenting the Innocent as featuring a rather generic form of thrash metal, New Noise Magazine was much more favorable, awarding the album a perfect score and praising Bio-Cancer as one of the "cutting edge thrash metal bands". Brave Words & Bloody Knuckles and consider the band's style as not particularly innovative, but well-written. Venia Mag found the band energetic and technically precise but with a monotonous sound. Bio-Cancer have toured with several popular metal acts such as Sodom, Onslaught, Rotting Christ, Xentrix, Artillery, and Marduk. The band's musical style has been compared to that of other underground Greek bands Flames, Acid Death, Suicidal Angels, and Insidead, as well as other bands such as Sodom, Kreator, Testament, and Shrapnel. Brave Words & Bloody Knuckles noted that Bio-Cancer mixes elements of Teutonic thrash metal with elements of Bay Area thrash metal, and that Lefteris uses some speed metal and black metal style vocals that add some variety to the band's sound. compared Lefteris's vocals style to those of Chance Garnette of Skeletonwitch.
Within Warside, there is an indomitable friendship that has bound its members together for over 20 years. We are more than a band, we are a family. Our unwavering bond is felt in our music, every note is imbued with this deep connection. There is also a real desire for integrity, honesty and transparency with the music we create. Each song is a deep dive into our soul, reflecting our experiences, emotions and beliefs.
We could tell you their names, but would it really matter ?
Is it of any importance to know that they are French, from a town where you could drown yourself in absinth and blood from brawls ?
All that matters is who they look up to: Trailblazers, that want it, right there and right now, who welcome followers and destroy naysayers. What’s the common denominator among those, that resonates with them ? The deep fire that rages inside for the real stuff, real people, real music, and real commitment. This rage to simply not quit, and yearn for more, always. This primitive urge to fight, scream, shout, destroy and survive. They believe that everyone has those feelings inside. And what they want to do is show you this side of yours. This brutal, unforgiving side that you have, they call it Warside.

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