Freddo Bar & Lounge


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Tipul: Restaurant, Bar, Club
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Telefon: 0722 373 336
Adresa: București, Centrul Vechi str. Smârdan 24




Freddo Bar & Lounge is one of the most exclusive locations in the Historical Center. The modern design, the architectural innovations (like the fully retractable ceiling, the sliding glass walls) but also the inviting menus and the relaxing atmosphere have turned Freddo into the most attractive Lounge from the Historical center.

As a proof stands the check-ins made in our location(over 120.000). During the weekend Freddo, is always hosting the coolest parties with great music, live percussion shows, cool mixes from our resident Dj, Christian Lepah and fabulous flair shows.

Our food menus are prepared by experienced chefs with impressive resumes. They are made to meet the most varied tastes and are constantly adapting to keep up with our clients dynamic. In conclusion, it worths visiting us once, and we promise you will become our best friend.

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